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One chassis and drive train with two bodies - Formula or Sports Racer.
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Driver skill and cost containment is the focal point with the new Enterprises Formula and Sports Racer cars. Eliminate the never-ending investment in design enhancements and engine programs. A one design, fixed specification car with minimal adjustments, sealed engines, set horsepower, and equal traction. Equal competition and controlled costs through standardized components, drive train, adjustments and tires.. 

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  • 2.3 Liter sealed Mazda engine
  • Alloy head and block
  • Twin cam, 16 valve
  • Torque = 170 ft/lbs @ 4700
  • Horsepower = 170 @ 5800
  • Electronic fuel ignition by MBE
  • Elite sequential gearbox - 5 speed.
    • 1st = 2.41
    • 2nd = 1.86
    • 3rd = 1.50
    • 4th = 1.22
    • 5th = 1.08
    • Final drive = 2.75


  • Advanced push rod activated system operating on wide based oval section wishbones with the latest anti-intrusion bar requirements
  • Alloy casting, heat treated uprights with large diameter angular contact bearings
  • Front anti-sway bar is cockpit adjustable
  • Four (4) shock system – sealed rebound adjustable Penske


  • Multi tubular steel spaceframe extensively braced in the cockpit and footwell areas. GCR compliant.


  • Formula 1 design features of a high nose, deep side pods and an engine cover with an air intake encompassing the roll hoop


  • Lightweight 4 piston calipers
  • 10-1/2" diameter discs all around
  • Cockpit adjustable bias


  • Front:  8 x 13 by OZ
  • Rear:  10 x 13 by OZ


  • Hoosier R45B Compound
  • Front - 21.5 x 8.0 x 13.0 (Hoosier PN 43270)
  • Rear - 22.0 in x 10.0 in x 13.0 (Hoosier PN 43301)
  • Marked set for qualifying and race
  • Hoosier WET Compound
  • Front - 21.5 x 7.5 x 13.0 (Hoosier PN 44195)
  • Rear - 22.0 in x 9.0 in x 13.0 (Hoosier PN 44217)


  • Wheel base:  102.5
  • Front track:  58.5
  • Rear track:  55
  • Weight:  Formula – 1250 lbs. Minimum with driver
    Sports Racer – 1350 lbs. Minimum with driver


  • Formula
    • Front wing:  Full width, adjustable
    • Rear wing:  Two upper elements, lower element mounted on gearbox
    • Bottom:  Flat (no ground effects)


  • Sports Racer
    • Rear Wing:  Single element, adjustable
    • Bottom:  Flat (no ground effects)


  • Detachable steering wheel
  • Van Diemen rack and pinion unit
  • Dry cell battery
  • On-board 2.5 kg fire system
  • Six point safety harness
  • Fuel tank mounted behind the driver’s seat – 7 gallon
  • Twin high efficiency aluminum radiators with low drag coefficients housed singularly in each side pod


Formula: Call for current prices
Sports Racer: Call for current prices
Freight, Fees & Duty: Purchasers responsibility
Down payment on order: 25%
Final payment before shipment:     75% + freight


Freight rates and fees are estimated to be $2,400 to $3,500 by sea and land, depending on the delivery zip code. Freight time is estimated at 5 to 6 weeks. Pick-ups at Enterprises can be arranged but sales tax may be a consideration.


To maintain the lowest cost possible, there is no money built into the car price for the absorption of credit card fees. A credit card number will be accepted as down payment at the signing of the purchase contract in order to hold a delivery spot. A replacement check must arrive at Enterprises within ten working days for the delivery spot to be maintained.


Production rate is six plus cars per month. Some assembly will be required, as the engine will not be mounted to the chassis and the corners will require reinstallation after shipment. Engine plumbing and electronics will need to be installed. This chassis comes partially assembled but we recommend full disassembly and final assembly and inspection be performed before driving.
Driver skill and cost containment is the focal point. An entry-level car with minimal adjustments, sealed engines, set horsepower, and equal traction along with a truly high-tech presentation. Controlled through standardized components, drive train, adjustments and tires. The car is designed for the up-and-coming new driver as well as the current member looking for low budget competition. The level playing field of controlled competition allows the driver to showcase his or her true ability in a “drivers class” while maintaining costs. Implementation of this program has the potential of being even more successful for the SCCA racing members then the highly successful Spec Racer Ford program. The Sports Car Club of America and SCCA Enterprises plan to continue full support of the Spec Racer class and automobiles indefinitely. 


Enterprises and Van Diemen are very pleased to have joined forces. With chassis production by Van Diemen and engine, distribution, compliance and stewardship by Enterprises, this is a winning combination. This is a 20-year partnership between Van Diemen and Enterprises. The Mazda 2.3-Liter is one of the newest engines available with a production life of 14 plus years. The car is state-of-the-art with solid cost controls. The car will run and be supported by SCCA and Enterprises for many years to come.


Body panels come in eight colors: white; dark blue; bright blue; dark red; bright red; yellow; green; and black. Color may be specified at the time of chassis order. Color is the gel coat, not paint.
The difference in cost between the two cars is directly related to the bodies. The formula body is less expensive then the sports racer body. It is estimated that approximately three hours will be required to switch bodies on the cars. If the purchaser expects to participate in both the Formula and Sports Racer classes then it is suggested that the sports racer version be purchased with a spare formula body for overall cost savings.


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